Governance & Board

Three levels of organisation make up Science & Technology Australia:
  • The federation
  • The board
  • The executive

The federation

The federation meets at least once a year, usually in November in Canberra. All members are entitled to vote at the federation’s general meetings, and these meetings are the only mechanism to change the constitution.

The board

The board has a general overall responsibility for the functions of Science & Technology Australia. It’s made up of the executive and 12 ‘cluster’ representatives, and meets three times a year.
Ten clusters are organised along broad ‘disciplinary’ lines with two clusters covering organisations who are not primarily disciplinary-based, ie general members.
Many distinguished scientists have served on the board, including:
  • Australia’s 1996 Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology, Professor Peter Doherty AC, former President of the Australian Academy of Science,
  • Emeritus Professor David Curtis AC, eminent neurophysiologist and former Director and Howard Florey Professor of Medical Research in the John Curtin School, ANU,
  • Dr Joe Baker, AO OBE, a world authority in natural resource management, former director of the Australian Institute of Marine Science,
  • Professor Sue Serjeantson AO, distinguished medical researcher, former Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, ANU, and
  • distinguished water scientist, the late Professor Peter Cullen.

The executive

The executive is responsible for the ordinary operations of the organisation. It meets monthly, with informal consultations in between.
It consists of eight members, the Chief Executive Officer and seven elected members. To ensure a steady turnover of executive members, four positions are elected each year:
Even years
President-elect (1-year term) who assumes the Presidency in the odd year (for 2 years)
Secretary (2-year term)
Chair, Policy Committee (2-year term)
Early Career Scientist (2-year term)
Odd years
Vice-President (2-year term)
Treasurer (2-year term)
Ordinary Member (1-year term)
Early Career Scientist (2-year term)

Current Board

Cluster Representatives
Agricultural and Food Sciences
Aquatic Sciences Professor Ross Thompson
Institute for Applied Ecology
University of Canberra
ACT 2601 Australia
T: 02 6201 5041
Biological Sciences Associate Professor Coral Warr
Associate Dean Research – Faculty of Science
School of Biological Sciences
Monash University
T: (03) 9905 5504
Chemical Sciences Associate Professor Dianne Jolley
University of Wollongong
T: (02) 4221 3516
Geological and Geographical Sciences Dr Duanne White
University of Canberra
T: (02) 6201 2083
Mathematical Sciences Dr John Henstridge
School of Education
Data Analysis Australia Pty Ltd
Nedlands WA 6009
T: (08) 9386 3304
Medical and Cognitive Sciences Professor Mark Hutchinson
Senior ARC Research Fellow
University of Adelaide
T: (08) 8313 0322
Physical Sciences Professor Warrick Couch
Australian Astronomical Observatory
PO Box 915
North Ryde NSW 1670
T: (02) 9372 4811
Plant and Ecological Sciences Associate Professor Ulrike Mathesius
Research School of Biology
College of Medicine, Biology and Environment
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200
T: +61 2 6125 2840
Technological Sciences Dr Penny Martens
Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia 2052
General Representative Vacant
General Representative Professor Russell Crawford
Dean, Faculty of Life and Social Sciences
Swinburne University of Technology
Hawthorn Vic 3122
T: (03) 9214 8573


President Emeritus Professor Jim Piper
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Macquarie University
T: (02) 9850 6369
Vice-President Professor Emma Johnston
University of NSW
Ordinary Member Professor Jamie Vandenberg
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and University of New South Wales
T: (02) 9295 8771
Secretary Dr Jeremy C Brownlie
Environmental Futures Centre & School of Biomolecular and Physical Sciences
Griffith University, Brisbane Qld
T: (07) 3735 7440
Treasurer Stephen Horn
T: 0262 585 045
Policy Robyn Porter
Robyn Porter Consulting
PO Box 956
WODEN  ACT  2606
T: 0407 223 600
Early Career Scientist Dr Sophie Lewis
Research School of Earth Sciences
ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science
Australian National University
T: (02) 6125 0920
Early Career Scientist Dr Francine Marques
Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute
T: (03) 8532 1916
Chief Executive Officer Catriona Jackson
PO Box 259
T: (02) 6257 2891
F: (02) 6257 2897
M: 0417 142 238

Past Presidents

Fred Smith (1985-87), then Professor of Physics, Monash University and a former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) La Trobe University.
Frank Larkins (1987-89), then Professor of Chemistry, University of Tasmania, and also a former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) University of Melbourne.
Tony Wicken (1989-1991), then Professor of Microbiology, UNSW, formerly Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) UNSW.
Ditta Bartels (1991-93), then Counsellor for Science and Technology, Australian Embassy, Bonn, currently Director of biotechnology firm.
Graham Johnston (1993-1995), then and currently, Professor of Pharmacology, University of Sydney.
Joe Baker (1995-1997), former ACT Commissioner for the Environment; Director of AIMS and Chief Scientist, Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries.
Peter Cullen (1997-1999; March-November 2001), then Director, Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology, Canberra; Wentworth Group of Scientists. Sadly Peter died in March 2008.
Sue Serjeantson (1999-March 2001), then Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Australian National University, Sue retired from position as Executive Secretary Australian Academy of Science in 2008.
Chris Fell (2001-2003), former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of New South Wales.
Snow Barlow (2003-2005), Professor of Horticulture and Viticulture, University of Melbourne.
Tom Spurling (2005-2007), former CEO of the CRC for Wood Innovations; Professor, Swinburne University of Technology and member of the CSIRO Board.
Ken Baldwin (2007-2009), Deputy Director, Research School of Physics and Engineering, Professor, Australian National University.
Cathy Foley (2009-2011), Chief, Materials Science and Engineering Division CSIRO.
Michael Holland ( 2011-2013) Professor of Animal Biotechnology, Director of Research Strategy and Development, University of Queensland.
Ross E Smith (2013-2015), Director, Hydrobiology Pty Ltd