Science meets Policymakers 2015 wrap up

Almost 200 delegates attended Science meets Policymakers in the Molonglo Theatre at the Crawford School of Public Policy.

Video footage of each session

Introduction and Policy Making and The Role of Science

Taking it to the Top: Scientific advice at the most senior levels in government

Australian Government address – The Hon Karen Andrews MP

Shifting perspectives: policymaking from the inside out, and the outside in

Learning to talk policy

Dealing with policy complexity – ways and means

Media coverage

Catriona Jackson’s opinion piece Moses and the West Wing.

The Hon Karen Andrews gave her first formal speech as The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry and Science at Science meets Policymakers. Her speech was covered in the Sydney Morning Herald article Government signals support for plan to boost economy with science and innovation.

Science meets Policymakers was covered in the When science meets policy: just stick to the facts, please

Social media

The Science meets Policymakers Twitter conversation Storified.

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