Making more with less – how do we feed the world as the population soars?

This event was recorded and the footage can be viewed HERE.

ABC 666’s Genevieve Jacobs will talk with three eminent experts on one of the great challenges of our time: As the global population explodes, how do we feed ourselves and the world?

The global population is set to hit 10 billion in 2050, that’s one thousand extra mouths to feed each and every day in Australia alone. Mix that with the need to reduce our environmental footprint, and use the same amount of arable land for food production and the challenge can seem almost insurmountable.

So how do we do it? Is Australia playing its part or do we have our head in the sand? Are we using technology to the fullest extent, or are GM fears getting in the way of solutions? Can Australia become the food bowl for Asia, and are there risks attached? With so much instability how do we avoid food price crises, like the one that caused riots and global unrest in 2008?

These and other pressing issues will be addressed at the sixth STA Topical Science Forum. Make sure you don’t miss it.

When: Thursday 28 August 12-1.30pm

Where: National Library of Australia, Parkes Place, Canberra

Register here.

 Speaker biographies

The Hon John Kerin AM, Chairman, The Crawford Fund and former Minister for Primary Industries and for Overseas Development

Professor Catherine Bertini, Former Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme

Dr Elizabeth Finkel, Chief editor, Cosmos Science Magazine


CRAWFORD LOGO NEWSTA has worked closely with the Crawford Fund to present this event, and drawn speakers from their conference, ‘Ethics, Efficiency and Food Security: Feeding the 9 Billion, Well,’ to be held in Canberra on 26-28 August 2014 – more details here.

This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry, in partnership with Science & Technology Australia and Research Training at The Australian National University.


One thought on “Making more with less – how do we feed the world as the population soars?”

  1. I am concerned about the apparent absence of population planning and control in Australia and most other countries.

    It seem that there is a greed and haste for growth, yet in Australia Federal and State governments are not developing employment, healthcare, hospitals, roads, etc. to sustain this unplanned, but expected even hoped for growth.
    Although Australia exports quality food to rich Asien markets, out supermarket duopoly is importing more low cost, low grade, chemically adulterated and chemically contaminated food from China where 90% of the irrigation water is contaminated and food standards are significantly lower than Australia.

    In the ACT, the ACT Govt. reaps revenue from selling land and car parks and property developers like Snow grow fat from increasing the population from previously 300,000, now to an expected 500,000. No one mentions sustainability or planning, it is just a matter of greed.

    Please could you address these points.

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