2018 Science & Technology Australia AGM

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The 2018 Annual General Meeting is being held in Melbourne at the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute, and will be chaired by STA President Professor Emma Johnston AO.

Morning tea and lunch will be provided.



1 Welcome
2 Attendance, Apologies, Proxies
3 Approval of Minutes of 2017 AGM
4 President’s Annual Report
5 CEO’s Annual Report
6 2017/18 report against the operational plan
7 Report of the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Working Group
  Morning Tea / Inter Cluster Meet-up
8 Treasurer’s Report

Audited Financial Statements 2017-18 Auditor’s Clearance Letter

9 2018/19 budget
10 Membership Report
11 Executive Committee vacancies: Candidate information booklet
12 STEM Associations and Societies: Executive Summary
13 Other Business
14 Close
Lunch and networking

Please contact info@sta.org.au with any questions