Australian Space Science

picture of a satellite orbiting earth taken from space, with a coastline in the background.

The world is entering a new era of space science and technology in which satellites the size of a toaster can be launched for the cost of a family car, where Australian students are sending classroom experiments to the international space station, and satellite swarm technology will soon allow precision monitoring of every part of the globe.

Coupled with these advances will be new challenges and opportunities.

Come see some of the latest space technology and hear from Australian experts and entrepreneurs who are working to secure Australia’s place in the new space age, and learn about what the future hold for space science in Australia. Our panelists will include:

Professor Russell Boyce – Director of UNSW Canberra Space;
Professor Michael Frater – UNSW Canberra Rector ;
Alex Grant – CEO, Myriota;
Andrea Boyd – International Space Station Flight Operations Engineer, European Space Agency ; and
Solange Cunin – co-founder of Cuberider.

This event is presented by Science & Technology Australia and the Australian Academy of Science.