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"Great day, really enjoyed it. The networking was very valuable, and the facilitated networking made it easy."

"Well organised professional networking opportunity."

"Interesting speakers with lots of knowledge to share."

This Science meets Business has passed, but read all about the annual event here.

Science meets Business brings together leaders in STEM and private industry to discuss how these two complex sectors intersect.

Investment in research and development by Australian businesses is strong, and Science meets Business brings together those with great ideas and those who can realise and commercialise them successfully.

Science meets Business 2018 focused on the theme ‘high tech and big data’, putting delegates in touch with some of nation's most interesting thought leaders.

We had four streams throughout the day, covering case studies and opportunities for Australia in medicine, space, agriculture and cyber-security. 

Our four streams covered:


Workshop: Drones, satellites, and a new wave of environmental data will reshape our agricultural industry, and our speakers will unlock the potential for new technologies and innovative products to better manage and grow our agricultural outputs.

Case study: MEQ Probe uses a laser to measure the quality of meat - tenderness, taste and juiciness. Adapted from technologies used to analyse the surface of pharmaceuticals, the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics works to use research to solve a multi-billion dollar problems.


Workshop: Speakers from UniSA and RMIT will share the recipe for successful commercialisation, and some of the emerging opportunities in medical research, data and high tech.

Case study: Pfizer and the University of Queensland have formed one of Australia's most significant commercial research partnerships and they will share stories of the success that can be found in thoughtful, effective academic/industry collaboration.


Workshop: The Square Kilometer Array, a new space agency, and an avid interest in Australian space science - an expert panel will pick out some of the ways Australian researchers can capitalise on these exciting developments.

Case study: A meteor sightings app called Fireballs in the Sky by Curtin University has now led to a world-class satellite tracking project with Lockheed Martin, see how this small initiative will a pay commercial dividends.


Workshop: Join cybersecurity experts from a range of industries including telecommunications and banking to hear how data and better computing technology is providing opportunities for Australian researchers and start-ups to burst on to the global scene.

Case study: Witz Cybersecurity is an Australian company disrupting the cybersecurity landscape. Through collaboration and flexibility, they have taken full advantage of the opportunities offered by the growing power of data and high tech.

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