Our Executive and Governance

Executive team

Science & Technology Australia operates under the direction of our Board.
Ryan Winn in a blue suit and white shirt with a blue striped tie.
Ryan Winn

Science & Technology

Sharath Sriram
Prof Sharath Sriram

Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society

Jas Chambers
Jasmine Chambers

Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

mark stickells 002
Mark Stickells AM
Governance and
FAR Chair

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre & Astronomical Society of Australia

Kathy Nicholson – Copy
Dr Kathy Nicholson
Policy Chair

Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML)

Dr Jiao Jiao Li
EDI Chair

University of Technology, Sydney

Chris Matthews portrait
Prof Chris Matthews
Board Director

Chair, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA)

Lila Landowski
Dr Lila Landowski
Board Director

Australasian Neuroscience Society

Professor Stephen Rodda
Prof Stephen Rodda
Board Director



Science & Technology Australia is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.

We operate under the direction of our Board, which has 8-11 Directors at any given time. Six Directors and our President-Elect are elected by our membership every second year. The remaining Board Members are our President, our CEO, and up to two Board-Appointed Directors.

The Board appoints Office Bearers, including the Vice-President, Governance Chair, Financial Audit and Risk (FAR) Committee Chair, Policy Committee Chair, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee Chair. See the next section for a list of STA Committees and committee members.


These sub-committees support the work of the STA.
  • Dr Kathy Nicholson (Chair)
    Australian Centre for Machine Learning
  • Professor Sharath Sriram
    Science & Technology Australia President;
    Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
  • Kate McGeoch
    ARC Centre for Excellence in Exciton Science
  • Associate Professor Vanessa Wong
    Soil Science Australia
  • Dr Jiao Jiao Li
    Early Career Researcher at University of Technology, Sydney
  • Dr Miloš Tanurdžić
    Genetics Society of AustralAsia
  • Dr Melissa Humphries
    Statistical Society of Australia
  • Professor Richard de Grijs
    Astronomical Society of Australia
  • Associate Professor Dr Parwinder Kaur
    Genetics Society of Australasia
  • Dr Kalinda Griffiths
    Statistical Society of Australia
  • Special advisor: Professor Les Field
    Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Dr Jiao Jiao Li (Chair)
    University of Technology, Sydney
  • Professor Sharath Sriram
    Science & Technology Australia President; Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
  • Dr Muneera Bano
    Computing Research and Education Association of Australia
  • Dr Erin McGillick
    Reproductive Health Australia
  • Associate Professor Sumeet Walia
    Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
  • Professor Corey Tutt
    Deadly Science
  • Kate Callaghan
    Astronomical Society of Australia
  • Dr Katrina Wruck
    Women in STEMM Australia
  • Dr Morley Muse
    Women in STEMM Australia
  • Mr Mark Stickells (Chair)
    Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre
  • Jasmine Chambers
    Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
  • Mark Bazzacco
    Chief Operations, Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG)
  • Dominic Canstrari-Soh
    Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk, EY
  • Professor Sharath Sriram
    Science & Technology Australia President, and Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
  • Dr Sandra Gardam
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Science & Technology Australia
  • Jasmine Chambers (Co-Chair)
    Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
  • Professor Mark Hutchinson (Co-Chair)
    Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale (CNBP) 

Past Presidents

Mark Hutchinson (2021–2023) Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale (CNBP) and Professor at Adelaide Medical School

Jeremy Brownlie (2019–2021) Deputy Head of School and Molecular Geneticist at Griffith University

Emma Johnston (2017–2019), then Dean of Science and Professor of Marine Ecology and Ecotoxicology, University of New South Wales

Jim Piper (2015–2017), then Research Leader at the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics and former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University

Ross Smith (2013–2015), then Director of environmental consulting company Hydrobiology.

Michael Holland (2011–2013), then Deputy Head of the School of Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland.

Cathy Foley (2009–2011), then Deputy and Science Director, CSIRO Manufacturing. Later became Chief Scientist of Australia.

Ken Baldwin (2007–2009), then Deputy Director, Research School of Physics and Engineering, Professor, Australian National University.

Tom Spurling (2005–2007), former CEO of the CRC for Wood Innovations; Professor, Swinburne University of Technology and member of the CSIRO Board.

Snow Barlow (2003–2005), Professor of Horticulture and Viticulture, University of Melbourne.

Chris Fell (2001–2003), former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of New South Wales.

Peter Cullen (March–November 2001) then Director, CRC for Freshwater Ecology, Canberra; Wentworth Group of Scientists.

Sue Serjeantson (1999–March 2001), then Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Australian National University.

Peter Cullen (1997–1999), then Director, CRC for Freshwater Ecology, Canberra.

Joe Baker (1995–1997), former ACT Commissioner for the Environment; Director of AIMS and Chief Scientist, Queensland.

Graham Johnston (1993–1995), then Professor of Pharmacology, University of Sydney.

Ditta Bartels (1991–93), then Counsellor for Science and Technology, Australian Embassy, Bonn.

Tony Wicken (1989–1991), then Professor of Microbiology, UNSW, formerly Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) UNSW.

Frank Larkins (1987–89), then Professor of Chemistry, University of Tasmania, and also a former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) at the University of Melbourne.

Fred Smith (1985–87), then Professor of Physics, Monash University and a former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) La Trobe University.