Dr Ana Baburamani

KC-R&D Postgraduate portraits-June 2016

Dr Ana Baburamani

Scientific Advisor

Department of Defence - Science and Technology Group

Dr Ana Baburamani has always been fascinated by how the brain grows and works. As a biomedical researcher, she seeks to piece together the complex process of brain development and the mechanisms contributing to brain injury. Her love of asking questions, learning new things, and following what she enjoys has motivated her to investigate and understand how complications during pregnancy can impact the fetal and newborn brain to aid in the discovery of potential new treatments.

In addition to her research, Ana is dedicated to supporting and enabling early career researchers, making science accessible and promoting wider participation in and uptake of STEM careers. She is passionate about sharing her experience through school and public outreach activities for the community, organising and participating in events at British Science Week¸ New Scientist Live UK, and World Down Syndrome Day.

Ana completed her PhD at Monash University and has spent 10 years as a post-doctoral researcher at University of Gothenburg, Sweden and King’s College London, UK. Ana has now moved back to Melbourne and is starting an exciting new role at Department of Defence Science and Technology Group. She is a member of the Royal Society of Victoria and volunteers with BrainSTEM.