Photo Lintern, Anna_min

Anna Lintern

Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

Monash University

Anna is a Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University. Her interests are in understanding waterway pollution and investigating how best we can improve the water quality of our lakes and rivers. This fascination in waterway resources management was sparked during a high school field trip to an irrigation district in the height of the Millennium Drought.

Multi-disciplinary teams are a key ingredient of her research. These teams, made up of social scientists, microbiologists, quaternary scientists and chemists, are critical to pinpoint and understand the causes of polluted waterways, and to design tools that can be used by practitioners to improve water quality.

She is also passionate about mentoring and teaching the next generation of Civil and Environmental Engineers to think broadly, creatively, and independently to ensure that they are prepared to solve tomorrow’s water resource management problems.

Anna completed a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) and a PhD in Civil Engineering from Monash University. During her PhD, she received an Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE) Postgraduate Research Award to characterise the impact of Melbourne’s development on historical water quality in the Yarra River catchment. She has also completed a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Japanese) at Monash University.

Electorate: Goldstein
MP: Tim Wilson