Photo Lin, Brenda_min

Dr Brenda Lin

Senior Research Scientist


Imagine an urban landscape devoid of trees, flowers, birds, and bees. Our current trajectory for urban development is heading in that direction with larger, more compact cities. Not only are there huge ramifications for the environment, but for the humans that live in these cities as well.

Dr. Brenda Lin’s research examines how vegetation cover is changing in our cities and how components of natural systems can be re-integrated to provide ecosystem services that optimise both environmental and human well-being. Brenda is interested in the socio-ecological component of cities – asking questions on the benefits of green space, who uses green spaces, and how to adapt green spaces to a society with changing needs. Her research involves working with a range of researchers across public health, psychology, economics, and urban planning.

Brenda joined CSIRO in November 2010 working with the Sustainable, Liveable, and Resilient Cities Program. Prior to joining CSIRO, she was awarded a postdoctoral research fellowship with the Earth Institute at Columbia University as well as undertaking a AAAS Science & Technology Policy fellowship working with the U.S. EPA, translating science for policy.

Dr. Lin has received several grants for her research including an ARC Discovery Grant and a USDA Research Grant. She is a member of Homeward Bound, a program working to advance female science leadership, and is a strong supporter of STEM in schools and mentoring the next generation of scientists.

Electorate: Moreton
MP: Graham Perrett