Doctor Kayt Rowe

Dr Cayt Rowe

Program Leader Integrated Force

Defence Science and Technology Group, Department of Defence

There is a truism that says that armies are always getting ready to fight the previous war.

Dr Cayt Rowe leads research within the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group. Her job is to help the Australian Defence Force understand what might be required of them in the future, and help them choose between different options for the defence force design. For example, we know the future ADF will need a strong cyber capability, but how can we objectively value that capability against additional new submarines or infantry soldiers? Her team uses simulation and wargaming to test different force structures in a range of scenarios, and systems engineering to ensure that they can work together as a whole. This generates evidence for where to invest our defence dollars to best assure Australia’s security in an uncertain future.

Cayt’s varied career has included work on submarines and fast jets, operations analysis and military operating concepts. She deployed on military operations as a civilian analyst, and in 2019 was a Defence Science International Fellow. Cayt has a PhD in statistics, Masters in cyber security strategy and diplomacy, first class honours in mechanical engineering and a science degree in applied maths and physics.

Dr Cayt Rowe is a Superstar of STEM.