Charles Perkins Centre

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The Charles Perkins Centre takes a revolutionary systems approach to easing the burden of chronic disease – obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related conditions.

We’re finding novel solutions that will inform and reform the health of the world.

Drawing on principles from evolutionary biology and ecology, we bring together multidisciplinary teams in unexpected collaborations – from clinicians and basic scientists to writers and philosophers. These teams form part of a complex adaptive research and education ecosystem.

Complex adaptive systems have been the greatest solvers of hyper-complex problems in the history of the known universe. Today, chronic diseases rank among society’s most difficult challenges, and there is no simple solution or medical intervention that will solve the public health problems they create.

Chronic disease risk is influenced by a complicated web of interacting factors – biological, societal and environmental forces. To better understand these forces, the Charles Perkins Centre harnesses expertise across diverse disciplines.

Our complex adaptive system maximises the impact of specialist expertise through collaboration and multidisciplinary research and education.