Dr Charlotte Birkmanis

Shark expert and marine biology consultant

University of Western Australia


Imagine a world without sharks. Although most think it would be delightful, a healthy ocean needs sharks and we need a healthy ocean. As a marine biologist, wildlife scientist and ‘PR Manager’ for sharks and other predators, Charlotte spends a lot of time in the ocean and talking about wildlife. Charlotte’s work has taken her to 40+ countries to explore the secret lives of sharks. Researching where they are, why they are there and how this, and their numbers, change over time (kinda like time travel) along with climate change is at the core of her work – and lots of calculations! In 2021 Charlotte received her PhD in marine biology and statistics.

Charlotte is passionate about making science available to everyone. An award-winning wildlife science communicator, broadcast host, speaker and educator, Charlotte shares fun facts about co-existing with wildlife in English and Chinese through social media, film and presentations. To create lasting change, Charlotte works to ensure that accurate science is at our policymakers’ fingertips as a STEM Ambassador. You might have read her work in the scientific literature or her children’s books, seen or heard her in the media (BBC, ABC), or heard her podcast and radio show.

Dr Charlotte Birkmanis is a Superstar of STEM.