Charlotte Birkmanis

PhD Candidate

The University of Western Australia

Although some think a world without sharks would be a swimmer’s delight, the truth is that a healthy ocean needs sharks and we need a healthy ocean. Charlotte combined a fascination with predator sand a love of the ocean to become a marine biologist and is finalising her PhD on where sharks are, why they are there and how their numbers change over time. For her first publication, Charlotte received the Australian Society for Fish Biology Scholarship. A Wildlife Ambassador passionate about making science available to everyone, Charlotte presents predator research globally in English and Mandarin Chinese to encourage all to be a ‘citizen scientist’ and see sharks as more than just their teeth (or Jaws if you will).

Charlotte is regularly interviewed on TV and radio as a ‘public relations manager’ for sharks and other misunderstood predators. As an invited speaker, she was a panellist on a public Q&A panel for the WA Museum, Special Guest at Fringe World Festival and presented at the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Driven to be a female role model, she contributes to various outreach and community engagement programs. Charlotte has won several awards for her efforts including Fresh Science and a fully-funded placement with the BBC’s Naked Scientists in the UK. Charlotte publishes her work in the scientific literature, writes for The Conversation, presents a radio show and has even written a children’s book about marine conservation ... and sharks of course.

Electorate: Brand
MP: Madeleine King