Dr Christina Maher


Dr Christina Maher

Biomedical engineer

The University of Sydney


Dr Christina Maher is a biomedical engineer and neuroscientist who's obsessed with brain farts. Her research explores which brain farts are harmless and which ones signal something more serious, like a seizure or concussion. By combining AI with wearables and brain data, she aims to understand the invisible activity in the brain that can lead to brain farts. Her work not only helps Australians living with brain injury but also helps improve cognitive performance and one day might be used to read minds!

Growing up in a low socioeconomic environment drives Christina's commitment to improving healthcare access. Her broad, unique expertise stems from spending the last 10 years working closely with engineers, neuroscientists, clinicians and patients across the academic and industry sectors. The most rewarding aspect of her work is applying creative solutions to humanity's biggest problems and the opportunities for lifelong learning.

Christina enjoys communicating science across all platforms. She has a knack for explaining complex topics to diverse audiences and uses science outreach to inspire younger generations into Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) careers. Her work is published in peer-reviewed journals and mainstream media, and she's a regular guest scientist on local and international radio. Christina is an experienced speaker and presenter, so if you'd like to work with her, please get in touch!

Dr Christina Maher is a Superstar of STEM.