Centre of Resource Excellence (CoRE)

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The Centre of Resource Excellence (CoRE) Learning Foundation is setting out to modernise education. Our aim is to take learning outside of textbooks and classrooms and into the real world, we call this the real classroom. Over the past 18 years, the CoRE Learning Model has taken the ethos of #therealclassroom and applied it to schools across Australia. To further help achieve this goal CoRE has been working on an exciting project we are calling Gamifying Earth Science Learning. We have developed educational computer games to be used as part of the Australian Earth and Environmental Science curriculum. 

These games have been created to not only be cross-disciplinary but also can work vertically for multiple school years and subjects, from Primary Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) to Senior Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The games have been developed with a national stakeholder engagement plan, evaluation system and include support from an educator support platform. 

These games have been developed to address the decline in STEM-educated, home-grown talent in the Resource sector. By educating students about potential careers CoRE is helping to create a STEM talent pipeline for organisations within the resources sector. To CoRE the Resources Industry goes beyond mining minerals and metals, oil and gas development but also including renewables, agriculture, water, fisheries and soil.