Sparklabs Cultiv8/Cultiv8 Funds Management


SparkLabs Cultiv8

SparkLabs Cultiv8 is a leading, global Agriculture and Food Technology Accelerator. We are a unique Accelerator and Research Facility co-founded by Asia’s leading technology accelerator group, SparkLabs Group, and the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), together with leading farms and corporate partners.

SparkLabs Cultiv8 enables Agri-Food-Tech start-ups to experience an esteemed business development and growth experience through; the programs global network, the deep Australian industry, research and government connections, its operational positioning to capitalise on Northern and Southern Hemisphere testing processes and its accelerator funding model to support early and later stage start-ups.

We support great entrepreneurs in the Agri-Food Tech sector to prototype, scale and commercialise their products by providing them access to our esteemed global ecosystem of expertise, tools and resources.

Cultiv8 Funds Management

Cultiv8 Funds Management (Cultiv8) is a unique, commercial, and sustainably focused Funds Group, investing and partnering with companies driving innovation in global agriculture and food. We take an active, collaborative approach to solve real problems, develop solutions to increase farm productivity, modernise supply chains and create novel high-value products. We believe that impact is achieved when opportunities are sustainably commercialised.

Cultiv8 is committed to developing a range of investment funds focused on innovation in Agri-Food Tech. We are dedicated to investing in and expanding global innovative businesses, whilst leveraging Australia’s world class industries, research and expanding technologies.