Dr Celia Harris

Senior Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience

Western Sydney University

I am a cognitive scientist who studies how memory and cognition can be supported, particularly in ageing. I completed my PhD at the Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, in 2010. I studied ways of extending laboratory paradigms to study social aspects of memory. In 2011, I was appointed Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Center of Autobiographical Memory Research at Aarhus University, Denmark. There I worked on projects relating to the functions that autobiographical memory serves for individuals and groups, and autobiographical memory retrieval. In 2012, I returned to Macquarie University as a Macquarie University Research Fellow, and then as an ARC DECRA. I combined interests in social and conversational memory, memory functions, and memory cuing, to study how remembering is shared in older couples; how older couples might remember together and support each other’s memories in the face of cognitive decline. In 2020, I moved to the MARCS Institute at Western Sydney University as a VC's Senior Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience, to study how memory can be supported across the lifespan including in aged care. I was named a 2020 NSW Tall Poppy for science communication and outreach.

Electorate: Lindsay
MP: Melissa McIntosh