Dr Chelsea Janke


Dr Chelsea Janke

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Queensland

Would you fight Hunger Games style for your food because there is less than half the usual amount of food available?

While you may not need to sharpen an arrow for your bow yet, global food security is a real concern as current trends of global population growth predict that agricultural production will need to more than double by 2050. Unfortunately, agriculture faces many challenges, amongst which effective utilization of nutrient resources for improved plant growth is a major issue.

Dr Chelsea Janke is a soil scientist at the University of Queensland with a keen interest in understanding the interaction of soil physico-chemical and biological properties with nutrient cycling and availability to agricultural crops. She is focused on research that provides sustainable solutions for improving agricultural yields whilst reducing negative impacts to the environment. Chelsea holds a PhD in Soil Science and a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours I) from the University of Queensland. She is an enthusiastic science communicator, connecting with school and undergraduate students through tutoring and outreach programs and a general audience via social media. Chelsea believes soil to be a vital natural resource that requires responsible management to sustain population growth and to maintain a healthy global ecosystem.

Electorate: Forde
MP: Bert van Manen