Dr Divya Mehta

Senior Research Fellow

Queensland University of Technology

Can we be the drivers of our own mental health and well-being? Yes, we can!

More than 12 years of research has taught Divya that gene activity can be modified by alterations in our environment, through lifestyle changes. The impact can be seen on our physical, social and psychological health.

Divya is a multidisciplinary researcher working at the interface of genomics, statistics and psychiatry at the Queensland University of Technology. She speaks six languages and has worked in four continents, giving her an insight into different communities and global research landscapes.

After studying Genetics at Imperial College London, Divya moved to Germany to pursue her PhD in Genomics at the Technical University Munich. During her postdoc, Divya followed her dream to work in the area of mental health at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry. In 2013, she moved to Australia to strengthen her statistical knowledge, continuing to use her analytical skills to solve real world problems in mental health. At each step, Divya was guided by women in STEM mentors.

Divya has a strong research and leadership profile in mental health, including 75 publications, three book chapters, AUD $3 million in research funding, and 25 research awards and prizes.

Dr Divya Mehta is a Superstar of STEM.