Dr Kate Fox

Associate Professor Kate Fox

RMIT University

Kate is a passionate supporter of the power and impact of engineering and encourages engineering as a great career choice for girls. And she loves talking...way too much!

The historical under-representation of women in engineering is a critical problem which limits the diversity of professional voices working to safeguard the Australian economy in the 21st century. It is for this reason that she has chosen to be proactive in the promotion of engineering as a career option to girls considering a career in STEM.

After discovering the possibilities on offer through a field like biomedical engineering, Kate is determined to use her powers to change the world. Engineers have the ability to make real, lasting positive impacts in the lives of others by developing, building and encouraging new technologies.

Along this STEM journey, Kate even found herself doing a brief stint as a patent attorney,  providing her with the opportunity to contribute her engineering skills to two of the largest medical bionics projects in recent Australian history - the Bionic Eye and SmartStent.

At present, she is working at RMIT University using 3D printing to make new medical implants. She is investigating new materials, like diamond, to make implants fit better with bone.

Associate Professor Kate Fox is a Superstar of STEM.