Nina Terrey

Dr Nina Terrey

Dr Nina Terrey

Nina Terrey is Chief for Gender Equality at ThinkPlace, and Global Partner. Nina is responsible for driving ThinkPlace’s vision of transforming the world through women’s empowerment. 

Nina’s work in applied systems and design drives her work all around the world. Nina draws from decades of experience in design thinking, complexity, empowerment theory, actor-network theory, innovation, knowledge creation, and translation to make change that matters. Nina’s experience includes programs addressing reducing violence against women and children, empowering vulnerable communities in policy reform, community co-design models for organisations in regional contexts and local governments; establishing and facilitating innovation eco-systems within organisations and cross sectors; and pioneering design thinking at scale addressing social, environmental, and political issues impacting at national and international levels. Nina is passionate about empowering people within organisations, communities, and global contexts to have agency to co-create solutions that make deep systemic change. 

Nina thrives at the boundaries of complexity and large-scale challenges. This interface of complexity draws out the best in Nina's natural ability to engender energy, focus and direction. Nina enables collaborative models of problem framing and solving. 

In 2021, Nina started BraveHer ventures, driven by the observation that gender equality needs more emphasis than ever due to the impact of COVID-19 on women around the world. Nina is passionate about realising gender equality through women economic empowerment. Nina is a recognised leader in design thinking and designing for public good. She frequently speaks at international design and management conferences in such topic areas as management and design, design strategy and culture, and effective system-wide transformation and design-led change. Nina is Associate Professor at the Institute of Governance and Policy Analysis, University of Canberra in Australia, and Distinguished Fellow ANZSOG. She teaches public management programs in the design thinking and co design.