Associate Professor Parwinder Kaur


Associate Professor Parwinder Kaur

Associate Professor and Director, DNA Zoo Australia

The University of Western Australia

Dr Parwinder Kaur leads an innovative Translational Genomics research program that aims to translate fundamental science into ready-to-use solutions across the agricultural and medical sectors. Her DNA Lab team enables research to span the spectrum of scientific activities beyond the traditional ‘Lab-to-Landscape’ model, using new age technologies such as CRISPR genome editing, single-cell and 3D genomics. With DNA Zoo Australia she is on a mission to provide genomic empowerment to unique Australian biodiversity, facilitating conservation efforts for the threatened and endangered species.

Parwinder has made substantial contributions to the field of biotechnology and was appointed as UWA “Be Inspired” for Agricultural & Environmental Biotechnology in 2019. Her studies, tracking genomic variation to breed low methanogenic forages in Australia, provided a new paradigm for reducing the environmental footprint of ruminants. She has been honored by the prestigious “Science and Innovation Award” for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry through the Australian Academy of Sciences in 2013. For DNA Zoo innovative work developments she also won the Microsoft's AI for Earth award for 2019-20. She is an active mentor for gender equity and a GirlsXTech international ambassador working to close the gender gap in technology.