Associate Professor Rashina Hoda


Associate Professor Rashina Hoda

Associate Professor

Monash University

From watching funny cat videos on YouTube to relying on Google Maps to find our way in the real world, it is difficult to imagine life without software. It takes a team of software developers to create these cool software applications. But how do they work together to design and develop them? What process do they follow to ensure the users not just use, but love, their products?

Associate Professor Rashina Hoda’s research focuses on the human and social aspects of software engineering. She has also worked closely with children, teachers, game designers, and education experts as part of her research, developing engaging serious and educational games for promoting 21st century skills such as critical and STEM literacy in modern K-12 classrooms.

Rashina is an Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Software Engineering, and Deputy Director of the HumaniSE lab, in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University. She is a leading international researcher on agile methods and grounded theory in software engineering, currently writing a book on the latter. She presented her idea of "Agile Nations", applying agile principles to the societal level to solve national and global uncertainties in a TEDx Auckland 2019 talk.