Associate Professor Rashina Hoda

Associate Professor

Monash University

From watching funny cat videos on YouTube to relying on Google Maps to find our way in the real world, it is difficult to imagine life without software. But how do software developers work together to design and develop these cool applications? What process do they follow to ensure the users not just use, but love, their products? And to ensure they are ethical, sustainable, and accessible for the diverse human population?

Associate Professor Rashina Hoda’s research focuses on such human and socio-technical aspects of software engineering in a variety of domains, including Education and Digital Health.

Rashina is an Associate Professor of Software Engineering in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University in Melbourne. She is a leading international expert on Agile methods and has introduced Socio-Technical Grounded Theory for qualitative research in software engineering and related areas. She loves presenting her research and insights to the public, industry, and academia through talks (such as at TEDx Auckland 2019), interviews, panels, podcasts, and through news, print, and social media. She is passionate about improving the inclusion of girls and women in STEM, particularly in technology and engineering.

For more, visit Rashina's website or follow her on Twitter @agileRashina and on LinkedIn.

Associate Professor Rashina Hoda is a Superstar of STEM.