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Dr Samantha Munroe

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Terrestrial Research Ecosystem Network (TERN)
University of Adelaide

Samantha’s work is dedicated to the conservation of Australian wildlife. She has worked across numerous disciplines, studying organisms as diverse as sharks, shrimps and shrubs, to name a few, and she is best known for her versatile and creative approach to research.

Samantha is originally from Canada, where she earned her honours degree in biology in 2010. Whilst she loves Canada, she is always hungry for adventure, and at 23 she moved to Australia and completed her PhD in Earth and Environmental Science at James Cook University. During her PhD, Samantha fell in love with Australia and made it her home.

As a research scientist, Samantha designs ecosystem observation programs for the country’s largest environmental monitoring agency, the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN). She creates advanced applications and databases that enable Australian research. Recent projects include the development of national plant trait datasets and models that predict plant distribution across the continent.

Samantha is also a passionate lecturer and science advocate. She teaches at the University of Adelaide and her skills as a public speaker have been recognised with numerous awards. She also volunteers with the Australian Marine Science Association, which promotes marine research in Australia.

Dr Samantha Munroe is a Superstar of STEM.