Dr Zoe Doubleday


Dr Zoe Doubleday

ARC Future Fellow

University of South Australia

Seafood is a critical source of protein worldwide and global demand is increasing. However, 90% of the world’s fisheries are either overfished or have reached maximum capacity. Zoe’s research is helping to address this challenge by applying ecological theory and data to develop sustainable seafood solutions. This area of research, and the potential it holds for future protein security and ocean health, is the focus of her Australian Research Council Future Fellowship at the University of South Australia.

Zoe is passionate about accessible science, and when she is not working as a marine ecologist, she is investigating how to boost the readability and readership of what scientists write. She works regularly with the media and has delivered over 70 invited media interviews broadcast across 15 countries.

Zoe represents and advocates for early career researchers through the National Committee for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation at the Australian Academy of Science, and previously through the Executive Committee for Science and Technology Australia. In recognition for her contributions to both marine science and science communication, Zoe has received over 10 awards including a national Peer Prize for Women in Science and a South Australian Tall Poppy Award.