Professor Emily Cross


Professor Emily Cross

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Western Sydney University


Whenever you move aside to let a rushing commuter step on the train before you, or watch Beyonce’s latest music video on repeat to try to learn her dance moves, you are tapping into your brain’s remarkable ability to translate perception into action. This ability is something we crucially rely upon in order to live and learn in a complex social world. How the human brain negotiates this delicate dance between perception and action has captivated Professor Emily Cross since her early days training as a dancer and her fascination has only grown since embarking on a career in human neuroscience. Moreover, as the kinds of social agents we encounter begin to blur boundaries between the natural and artificial, man and machine, she believes a deeper understanding of what makes us able to read and learn from other humans will help us build better robots.

Emily completed a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at Dartmouth College in 2008 (while also dancing professionally), and has since lived and worked in 7 countries spanning 3 continents. She is passionate about finding new ways to forge art, science, and tech collaborations, and train a team well-versed in inclusive, rigorous and creative scientific research practices.