Eva Rodriguez Rodriguez


Eva Rodriguez Rodriguez

Projects and Strategy Manager (FrontierSI) / Research Program Manager Earth Observation (SmartSatCRC)

FrontierSI and SmartSatCRC

What if we could use space to look down at earth, to solve the most challenging problems of our days?

Eva Rodriguez Rodriguez has spent the last decade doing just that. From providing real time information to manage bushfires, to bringing healthcare to remote communities, or helping our farmers be better prepared to manage their resources. She works with researchers, companies, government and communities to identify meaningful problems that can be solved with space derived technologies. Her job is to help turn ideas into projects and projects into technology using earth observing, telecommunications and positioning satellite data. The possibilities are endless!

How do we realise this opportunity in Australia? Strategically connecting demand and supply and growing the two involved sectors: Space and Spatial. Eva has focused efforts on this front in recent years, which has won her national recognition.

Before moving to Australia, Eva had a stellar start to her career working for the European Space Agency.  She is currently FrontierSI’s in-house strategic thinker, as well as working for the SmartSatCRC Cooperative Research Centre. Eva holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering and Management from BarcelonaTech (UPC).

She is on a mission to create a more inclusive and diverse space sector and tries to effect change wherever she can: be it inside her organisation or at sector level, through her role as co-convener of the Space, Spatial and Surveying Diversity Leadership Network.

Are you ready for lift off?  Get inspired by the latest collaborative research at FrontierSI and SmartSatCRC sites or check out what Eva is up to by following her on LinkedIn.