Photo Chesterfield, Jim

Jim Chesterfield

Advisory Project Manager


Jim helps leaders bring evidence to big decisions. As an Infrastructure Advisory Project Manager at Arup, he leads multidisciplinary teams using their deep expertise to advise decision-makers. He’s focused on transforming our energy system, humanising transport networks, and building cities that are equitable, liveable, and sustainable.

It might have been inevitable that Jim became an engineer – he loves solving problems. But the biggest problems are the ones we all share – so Jim is passionate about bringing more science and engineering to policy-making.

After studying engineering and economics, Jim started his career in the Victorian Public Service working on policies like using markets to protect the environment. And although he’s since been working more on the technical side of big problems, Jim’s interest in evidence-based policy took him to the University of Oxford to learn how it’s done. Besides enjoying Oxford’s cycling culture, he graduated with a Master of Public Policy and worked as a Policy Fellow at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra.

Now Jim wants to help STEM people and policy people work together better. With the Foundation for Young Australians’ backing, Jim is working on STEMGov – an initiative to empower more STEM people to work on big policy issues through public service. And as a STEM Ambassador for Science and Technology Australia, he’ll be helping the federal parliament foster a strong understanding of how critical STEM skills are to a thriving democracy.

Electorate: Sydney
MP: Tany Pliberseck