Dr Mary McMillan

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science

University of New England

Mental illnesses are one of the leading causes of disability world-wide. As many as 1 in every 6 people experience depression in their lifetimes – but despite this we still don’t really understand what makes some people more susceptible than others. Understanding more about the biological basis of depression will help us to develop better tools for diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Mary McMillan is one researcher working on this challenge. Mary is a senior lecturer in Biomedical Science at the University of New England in regional NSW, where she works with the Brain-Behaviour Research Group to better understand how genetic variation may lead us to be more susceptible to depression. She is also investigating how we can use biological and genetic markers to diagnose depression, and to find the most effective treatment for each individual.

Mary is also passionate about science education and communication. She regularly delivers science outreach activities for school and community groups, and writes a fortnightly science column for the Australian Community Media network. Mary is an alumni of the Homeward Bound leadership program for women in STEM, and was named as one of 12 STEM Changemakers by the Australian Academy of Science in 2020.

Dr Mary McMillan is a Superstar of STEM.