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As the gateway to Monash University’s excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science research, the Monash Data Futures Institute (MDFI) aims to foster transnational, interdisciplinary collaborations in the applications of AI and data science for good. The Institute brings together leading cross-disciplinary expertise, international partnerships and one of the largest cohorts of AI and data science researchers in the Asia-Pacific. MDFI researchers focus on advanced AI applications for health sciences, sustainable development, and governance & policy in support of Monash University’s three Global Challenges of the age: thriving communities, climate change and geopolitical security.

The Institute plays a key role in fostering interdisciplinary collaborations through funding initiatives, including the MDFI PhD Scholarships program and the MDFI Seed Grants in AI and Data Science for Global Challenges. These programs support more than 40 interdisciplinary research projects with national and international partners.

The Institute is deeply engaged in the global conversation around ‘AI for social good’. The inaugural Monash Prato Dialogue - AI Summit 2022, held at the Monash Prato Centre in Italy, brought together international thought-leaders for a discussion around the most recent advances in AI for good, bridging technology, society and environment. The Monash Prato Dialogue - Distinguished Lecture Series in AI focuses on the topics of fairness, transparency, and responsibility in AI for social impact.