The Optical Sciences Centre (OSC)

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The Optical Sciences Centre is a world class centre conducting a wide range of research in optics and photonics. The OSC hosts the largest laser facility in Australia with many femtosecond mainframe laser systems and has extensive nanofabrication capability including electron-beam and focused ion beam lithography, and more.

It covers disciplines from fundamental to applied science and engineering, including optical frequency microcombs, ultracold quantum atoms and gases, microwave and ultrahigh bandwidth photonics, fibre optic data transmission, quantum optics, materials including black silicon, optical neural networks, nanophotonic devices, femtosecond laser micro-machining, renewable energy, biophotonics, devices and physics of 2D materials including graphene oxide, and many other areas.

The OSC also conducts high impact research in bio-medical sciences and the use of nanotechnology in diagnosing and curing cancer.