Paula Wasiak


Paula Wasiak

Penguin expert

Phillip Island Nature Parks

Penguins are so much more than the clowns of the animal kingdom. They’re fierce predators, endurance swimmers, and a key indicator of ocean health. As a field biologist, my mission is to make you fall in love with them – and inspire you to protect our environment in the process.

I began my journey researching penguins in 2007 and have been covered in penguin poop and elbow deep in burrows ever since. I coordinate and conduct field data collection for the Phillip Island Nature Parks, supporting projects aimed at future-proofing penguins' survival and unlocking the mysteries of the oceans.

I’m passionate about creating a positive impact on the planet and I thrive on sharing knowledge and technical expertise with other penguin and conservation groups. Having completed my Honours in Zoology, I’m also an all-round nature nerd and I love telling stories to all audiences, mixing in science with funny anecdotes in the hope of sparking joy, wonder and a desire for conservation action in the wider community.

You can occasionally find me on the radio, television or presenting public talks. I’m happy to be contacted if you are after someone to chat about penguins, nature, and conservation, or what it is like being a woman in STEM working closely with wildlife.

Paula Wasiak is a Superstar of STEM.