Paula Wasiak


Paula Wasiak

Penguin expert

Phillip Island Nature Parks

They may be the clowns of the animal kingdom but Little penguins are so much more. Fierce apex predators, long distance endurance swimmers, and a key indicator of ocean health. Paula’s mission is to make you fall in love with them – and inspire you to protect our coastal environments in the process.

Paula began her journey researching penguins in 2007 and has been found covered in penguin poop and elbow deep in burrows ever since. She coordinates and conducts Little penguin field research for the Phillip Island Nature Parks, supporting projects aimed at future-proofing Little penguins and unlocking the mysteries of the oceans.

Paula loves sharing her knowledge and technical expertise with women beginning their STEM journey, as well as those returning to the workforce after having children. She also has a passion for sharing nature stories with broader audiences, mixing in the serious science with funny anecdotes. You may have seen her doing just that on the ABC documentary Meet the Penguins, or you can hear her regularly on ABC Radio National.