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Dr Taylor Szyszka

Synthetic Biologist

The University of Sydney

Biology is incredibly complex, with every living thing containing intricate webs of interactions and processes working together in harmony. Nature has had billions of years to evolve and shape life as we know it, but with the world changing at a record pace, how can life keep up?

This question inspires synthetic biologists like Dr Taylor Szyszka. Synthetic biology is the engineering of biological systems to serve new purposes. As a postdoctoral researcher at The University of Sydney, Taylor is using proteins – tiny molecular machines responsible for many life processes - to build nanoparticles to help plants do photosynthesis more efficiently, with the aim of improving crop yields to feed our growing population. Her research has been featured in top journals and she has won numerous awards presenting her work at conferences and symposia.

Taylor is also an avid science communicator. From live events to radio/podcast interviews and several segments on Channel 7’s science show “Get Clever,” Taylor has taken every opportunity to make science accessible. A strong advocate for diversity in STEM, Taylor was the program coordinator for the STEAMPunk Girls educational program at UTS in 2019, where she helped NSW teachers implement STEAM programs for their female students.

Dr Taylor Szyszka is a Superstar of STEM.