UNSW RNA Institute

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The UNSW RNA Institute is Australia’s leading RNA science, therapeutics and translational facility. Established with a $25 million investment from UNSW Sydney to build New South Wales’s capability to research, develop and manufacture RNA-based therapeutics locally. The Institute is part of the NSW RNA Bioscience Alliance, a partnership across 14 universities in NSW and ACT and the NSW RNA Production and Research Network.

The UNSW RNA Institute can work with you to advance RNA therapeutics through scale-up, production and quality control of RNA (mRNA, siRNA, gRNA, etc.) and nanoparticle delivery systems, as well as compiling the ideal cross-disciplinary team of scientists, medical experts and engineers to advance your deep tech R&D program. We have been certified to ISO 9001 for the pre-clinical scale manufacture and design and development of new processes for RNA-based therapeutics and other products used in pre-clinical studies. To be the first in Australia to attain the internationally recognised ISO 9001 registration, proves UNSW RNA Institute’s commitment and dedication to product quality and reliability as a trusted provider of RNA-based therapeutics.