STEM Ambassadors 2022 application form

Application deadline extended! Applications now close 9am Monday 14 November. 

Thank you for your interest in applying for the STEM Ambassadors Program.

To be eligible to be a STEM Ambassador, you must be a member of an STA member organisation. You must also be a permanent resident/Australian citizen or SCV holder and not been a member of a political party in the past five years. Parliamentarians opt in to be matched with a STEM Ambassador – please check the list of Parliamentarians registered to be matched with a STEM Ambassador for 2023-24. If your federal electorate is not listed for this round, you may still be matched with a Senator from your state or territory.

Please ensure you have read the Program Outline and Statement of Expectations on the STEM Ambassadors program page before you complete this form.

Please note: the application form does not have a save function, so we suggest applicants prepare their responses in Microsoft Word or similar, and copy and paste responses into the application form. Also note that any links included in your application will not be accessed (apart from your YouTube video), so please do not use them.

If you have any questions please email or call (02) 6257 2891.

To cover the costs of our selection panel, payment of a $40 application fee will be required. Please note we have a deep commitment to inclusion and this fee is not intended to dissuade applicants. To have the application fee waived please email

Applications close 9am AEDT Monday 14 November 2022.


As part of the application process please make and upload an unedited one minute video of you. We want your best one minute elevator pitch.

One minute audition video:
Prepare a one minute audition video filmed on your own handheld device (smartphone, tablet or similar). Please note that we are testing for your ability to talk to a parliamentarian, not the production values of your video. We strongly encourage you NOT to use a professional production crew.

Please either film yourself “selfie-style” or enlist the help of a friend to hold the device. Your video must be one continuous shot with no editing or production. We need to see your facial expressions, so your head and shoulders should be in frame.

The topic is: your elevator pitch.

What is an elevator pitch?
It’s the one minute speech that summarises who you are and what you do. Your elevator pitch should stand alone without requiring an introduction, prior knowledge about you, or on-screen graphics. You should pitch your video as if it would be viewed and understood by a member of parliament.

How will it be judged?
We are looking for confident, articulate, creative and expressive pitches that show you are able to convey information in a concise fashion to a general audience. We want to see your personality and get a sense of your oral communication style. We’ll also be checking to make sure you can stick to one minute.

1. Log into YouTube (you’ll need your own account)

2. Click the ‘create’ icon in the top right-hand corner

3. Select your file

4. Make sure the video is uploaded as “Unlisted” (if it is private our judges will not be able to view the video)

5. Copy the link and insert it into this form