University Membership

Science & Technology Australia represents the full breadth of Australia’s STEM talent – including across the nation’s university sector. 

Through our special university membership offering, STA enables STEM institutes, centres and faculties at universities to leverage our national STEM networks, develop their key STEM talent, and engage effectively with decision-makers. 

STA is well-known for our flagship programs Science Meets Parliament, Superstars of STEM and STA STEM Ambassadors. We are also the leading provider of bespoke communications training to the nation’s STEM sector. STA’s Super STEM Communicator workshops teach brilliant scientists and researchers how to communicate their work with greater cut-through, confidence and profile – and how to engage effectively with policymakers. Collectively, these programs are fostering the profile and skills of the next generation of Australia’s STEM leaders. 

STA membership gives a university’s STEM leadership access to STEM-specific policy analysis, advice and Government relations support.  It enables institutes to access STA programs, professional development and networking, and contribute to national STEM leadership deliberations.

In our university sector package, STA includes a Gold sponsorship of Science Meets Parliament – the most visible deep engagement vehicle between the worlds of science and policy making. This enables a university to send up to 6 conference delegates, one of whom will have an opportunity to meet with a federal MP to discuss frontier STEM research, and 3 guests at the National Gala Dinner. 

STA are pleased to offer the following package to Australian universities:

  • STA Membership for four STEM Institutes/STEM Faculties (usual cost $26,000 ex GST)
  • Gold Sponsorship of Science Meets Parliament 2023 (usual cost $13,000 ex GST)
  • A Super STEM Communicator course (‘How to Marie Kondo your writing’) for up to 30 staff (usual cost $3,500 ex GST)

Usual cost: $42,500

University special rate: $39,000 + GST in 2022-23 

This package delivers high-impact, high-value access to STEM policy analysis, advice and support, bespoke training and talent development opportunities, writing training and STEM networking opportunities. It is a powerful communications opportunity to signal your university as a STEM powerhouse. To explore this opportunity, enquire now.