Staff Portraits

Associate Professor Anita Parbhakar-Fox

Mine Waste Geoscientist

University of Queensland


Waste from mining isn’t just the mining sector's problem. It’s our problem too. We need a new generation of sustainability experts, geoscientists and engineers to combat Australia’s mining waste. And I’m more than happy to lead them!  

I have an Environmental Geosciences PhD and have spent several years at the Centre for Ore Deposit and Exploration Studies (CODES), University of Tasmania, Australia. Working on industry supported CRC and ARC projects, I examined how tools used to find new ore deposits could be used to characterise mining waste. This helps with site rehabilitation after mining and the use of greener technologies when mining

I lead the Mine Waste Transformation through Characterisation (MIWATCH) Group at the University of Queensland. Working with many industry and government partners we have already identified rare and critical minerals. we need to find these if we want to make the technologies needed to avoid the ‘global boil’ and sustain humankind.

Leading the MIWATCH team has enabled me to mentor and train a new generation of environmentally-focused geoscientists and STEM researchers. If you want to be a part of the mine waste solution then please join the #waronminewaste campaign!

Associate Professor Anita Parbhakar-Fox is a Superstar of STEM.