Our areas of expertise


We connect scientists and technologists directly with Parliamentarians through initiatives like Science meets Parliament and the STEM Ambassadors Program, and to Departmental decision-makers through Science meets Policymakers.

STA also makes regular submissions to government, publishes statements on policy decisions, and contributes to national discussions around the future of Australian science and technology through Parliamentary Forums.


STA facilitates dialogue between STEM professionals and industry leaders.
We are addressing the obstacles scientists and technologists are faced with when moving into the commercial sphere.


We form partnerships and alliances to promote and enhance the role of science and technology in Australia.

Through initiatives like the National Research and Innovation Alliance, STA brings representative bodies together to collaborate on issues facing research and development in Australia.


We offer a range of workshops, programs, and events which empower the members and staff of our member organisations.

This includes Superstars of STEM, designed to propel Australian women of STEM into the spotlight, and our Super STEM Communicator Workshops.

While we don't provide direct event management, financial or administrative support, we do have a range of member benefits, resources and workshops available for our member organisations. Contact us for more information.


STA is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive sector

We are working hard to support and encourage a diverse, inclusive and supportive STEM sector, that promotes safe and accepting workplaces.
We want all scientists and technologists to feel included and free from prejudice - regardless of their gender, ethnicity, career stage, discipline, sexual orientation, age, or any other trait or feature.
We will continue to advocate for a STEM sector that leads the way, a sector that does not accept discrimination, prevents harassment, and fosters an environment where all are equal.