Australia can’t afford to lose R&D investment in recovery

research development

Keeping investment in research and development will be vital to reboot Australia’s economic growth and solution-generating research. In its submission to the Senate inquiry into the Research & Development Tax Incentive (RDTI), Science & Technology Australia (STA) called for any changes to the Research and Development Tax Incentive to be put straight back into the […]

STA member gathers volunteers for COVID-19 testing surge


The Australian Society for Microbiology put a call out this week for volunteers trained in microbiology to register to help with extra novel coronavirus testing if needed. ASM has created a database of scientists who may be able to assist with COVID-19 testing in hospitals or other diagnostics labs across Australia as they ramp up […]

Leading through uncertainty – a webinar

Leading through uncertainty

STA is pleased to present an online workshop focussing on empowering your team to continue to deliver during times of uncertainty.  In this information session you’ll refresh your leadership communication toolkit and identify easy wins to keep your team focussed.  Culture is put to the test during times of uncertainty and with confident leadership, your […]


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