Superstars of STEM

Superstars of STEM is smashing society’s gender assumptions about scientists and increasing the public visibility of women in STEM.

STA is working with some of the nation’s most dynamic scientists and technologists to create role models for young women and girls, working towards equal representation in the media of men and women in STEM.

We are equipping the Superstars with advanced communication skills and are providing them with the opportunities to use them - in the media, on the stage, and in speaking with decision-makers.

The program is connecting participants through a mentoring network, to encourage them to learn from women who have crafted a profile for themselves and who already serve as role models.

Applications for the 2019-2020 round of Superstars will open in August - sign up to our newsletter for updates.

The Program in Detail

The first year of the program is running from July 2017-July 2018 and includes the following professional development opportunities:


Each participant has attended and participated in four full day workshops;

  • Becoming an online influencer
  • Public Speaking and Storytelling
  • Media Training and Engagement
  • Communicating with Influence

These workshops are a combination of live online workshops and face-to-face delivery, and thanks to the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Grant, STA has been able to provide flights and accommodation for each of the Superstars to attend.


Participants are strongly encouraged to also attend the numerous networking opportunities offered as an addition to the program, where registration fees have been subsidised or complementary. These events have included:

  • SAGE Symposium, Brisbane, 5-6 September 2017
  • Science Meets Business, Sydney, 9 November 2017
  • Science Meets Parliament, Canberra, mid March 2018

Additional networking opportunities are available to participants throughout, and participation in these is expected where possible.


Each participant is required to have a mentor and be a mentor. Assistance has been provided to select and source an appropriate mentor and participants have also been connected with a mentee. The time commitment to mentoring is one mentor meeting per month via phone, skype, email or face to face.


Now that participants have been trained in media relations they will be provided with opportunities to practice their new skills. Program participants will be expected to participate in these opportunities on an ad-hoc basis. Opportunities have included:

  • Mainstream media interviews (including traditional news media, TV and radio talk shows; magazines; online news sites);
  • Social media activity (including twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, blogs);
  • Marketing opportunities generated by Science and Technology Australia, its members and partners;
  • Speaking engagements at public, corporate or Government events
Media training is provided by the Australian Science Media Centre in conjunction with SBS.
Public Speaking

With support from the program, each program participant is proactively conducting a speaking tour of 3-5 high schools across Australia.

Program participants are also speaking at a variety of public, corporate and Government events.  If you’d like a Superstar of STEM to speak at your event please contact Program Manager, Brodie Steel, contact details below.


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If you have any enquiries about the program please contact:

Brodie Steel, Program Manager - Superstars of STEM

02 6257 2891 -

Please note Brodie’s work days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Superstars of STEM is funded by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and delivered in partnership with the Australian Science Media Centre and Women in STEMM Australia.

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