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Superstars of STEM aims to smash society’s gender assumptions about scientists and increase the public visibility of women in STEM.  STA started Superstars of STEM to create a critical mass of celebrity Australian female scientists and technologists - role models for young women and girls – and to work towards equal representation in the media of women and men working in all fields in STEM.

Over five years we will have equipped 150 female scientists and technologists with advanced communication skills and provided them with genuine opportunities to use these skills – in the media, on the stage and in speaking with decision makers.

Working with participants over two years, the program strives to;

  • Support 60 women employed in a range of roles in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to become highly visible public role models;
  • Build the public profile of 60 women employed in STEM though training in public speaking, media and communicating with influence and through creating opportunities to practice their newly acquired skills;
  • Empower participants to share their story and their work with general audiences by equipping them with advanced communications skills and an understanding of traditional media, social media and story-telling.
  • Smash imposter syndrome and build confidence in a range of professional settings, participants will learn how to communicate with influence, in their workplaces, in the media and with leaders and politicians.
  • Directly encourage young women and girls to study and stay in STEM, by program participants speaking with them in their schools and workplaces and by providing prominent public role models for them to aspire to.

The first year of the two-year program will focus on professional development through a series of five workshops and the second year will focus on providing participants opportunities to practice their new skills through media and speaking opportunities in schools and on high profile stages.


  • Dr Teresa Ubide
    Dr Teresa Ubide
  • Bower, Deborah
    Dr Deborah Bower
  • Dr Laura Kuhar
    Dr Laura Kuhar
  • Dr Muneera Bano
    Dr Muneera Bano
  • Felicity Furey
    Felicity Furey
  • Thomas, Carolyn
    Carolyn Thomas
  • Dr Sarah Pearce
    Dr Sarah Pearce
  • Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb
    Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb
  • Dr Kate Fox
    Associate Professor Kate Fox
  • Dr Phoebe Meagher
    Dr Phoebe Meagher
  • Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker
    Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker
  • Dr Alexandra Thomson
    Dr Alexandra Thomson
  • Dr Samantha Grover
    Dr Samantha Grover
  • Dr Verena Schoepf
    Dr Verena Schoepf
  • Goh, Anita
    Dr Anita Goh
  • Coetsee, Amy
    Dr Amy Coetsee
  • Associate Professor Heidi Smith-Vaughan
    Associate Professor Heidi Smith-Vaughan
  • Dr Kirsten Ellis
    Dr Kirsten Ellis
  • Dr Sharon Hook
    Dr Sharon Hook
  • Dr Eva Plaganyi-Lloyd
    Dr Eva Plaganyi-Lloyd
  • Dr Kalinda Griffiths
    Dr Kalinda Griffiths
  • Dr Teresa Wozniak
    Dr Teresa Wozniak
  • Narelle Underwood
    Narelle Underwood
  • Dr Melanie Macgregor
    Dr Melanie Macgregor
  • Kamath, Devika
    Dr Devika Kamath
  • Dr Katie Sizeland
    Dr Katie Sizeland
  • Dr Kudzai Kanhutu
    Dr Kudzai Kanhutu
  • Dr Kate Selway
    Dr Kate Selway
  • Moon, Ellen
    Dr Ellen Moon
  • Dr Jennie Mallela
    Dr Jennie Mallela
  • Dr Georgia Ward-Fear
    Dr Georgia Ward-Fear
  • Asha Rao
    Professor Asha Rao
  • Moul, Caroline
    Dr Caroline Moul
  • Coxon, Bonnie
    Bonnie Coxon
  • Kylie Bridger
    Kylie Bridger
  • Dr Madeline Mitchell
    Dr Madeline Mitchell
  • Dr Onisha Patel
    Dr Onisha Patel
  • Dr Iona Novak
    Dr Iona Novak
  • Dr Susanna Cramb
    Dr Susanna Cramb
  • Dr Linden Ashcroft
    Dr Linden Ashcroft
  • Ahmed, Beena
    Dr Beena Ahmed
  • Dr Lizzy Lowe
    Dr Lizzy Lowe
  • Bianca Capra - Superstars of STEM
    Dr Bianca Capra
  • Elaine van Bergen
    Elaine van Bergen
  • Hughes, Erin
    Erin Hughes
  • Dr Verity Normington
    Dr Verity Normington
  • Dr Kari Pitts
    Dr Kari Pitts
  • Dr Roberta De Bei
    Dr Roberta De Bei
  • Rayment, Erin
    Dr Erin Rayment
  • Dr Sharna Jamadar
    Dr Sharna Jamadar
  • Dr Yanni Chin
    Dr Yanni Chin
  • Robinson, Cathy
    Dr Cathy Robinson
  • Dr Sonja Dominik
    Dr Sonja Dominik
  • Kate Cole
    Kate Cole
  • Dr Steph McLennan
    Dr Steph McLennan
  • Moffat, Caroline
    Dr Caroline Moffat
  • Teh, Charis
    Dr Charis Teh
  • Dr Jacqueline Tate
    Jacqueline Tate
  • Dr Joanne Lackenby
    Dr Joanne Lackenby
  • Dr Helen Salouros
    Dr Helen Salouros

Program Alumni

At the conclusion of each program participants will be provided with support materials and advice to enable them to continue to grow their public profile and with suggestions and opportunities to build on the professional relationships they’ve established with one another.  Participants will be strongly encouraged to continue their mentoring relationships.  STA will continue to provide opportunities for alumni such as ad hoc speaking and media opportunities where available.

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