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Superstars of STEM aims to smash society’s gender assumptions about scientists and increase the public visibility of women in STEM.  STA started Superstars of STEM to create a critical mass of celebrity Australian women who work as scientists and technologists - role models for young women and girls – and to work towards equal representation in the media of women and men working in all fields in STEM.

Over five years we will have equipped 150 women working in STEM with advanced communication skills and provided them with genuine opportunities to use these skills – in the media, on the stage and in speaking with decision makers.

Working with participants over two years, the program strives to;

  • Support 60 women employed in a range of roles in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to become highly visible public role models;
  • Build the public profile of 60 women employed in STEM through training in public speaking, media and communicating with influence and through creating opportunities to practice their newly acquired skills;
  • Empower participants to share their story and their work with general audiences by equipping them with advanced communications skills and an understanding of traditional media, social media and story-telling.
  • Smash imposter syndrome and build confidence in a range of professional settings, participants will learn how to communicate with influence, in their workplaces, in the media and with leaders and politicians.
  • Directly encourage young women and girls to study and stay in STEM, by program participants speaking with them in their schools and workplaces and by providing prominent public role models for them to aspire to.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the program through an iterative process of seeking feedback from participants and applying the lessons learned.


Exceeding expectations, our 90 Superstars have achieved the following since 2017.

30 million +

people reached

4 800+

media mentions


experienced career

18 000+

kids engaged
(see map for locations)

Learn more about the amazing impact of our 2017/19 Superstars


  • IMG_Wenyue_Zou
    Dr Wenyue Zou
  • Dr Hannah Power, Senior Lecturer, School of Environmental and Life Sciences (Earth Sciences). Photo taken for her nomination in the Superstars of STEMM awards. Pic at Nobbys Beach (about 7pm) on Monday November 9, 2020, by Eddie O'Reilly UON Marketing and Comms.
    Associate Professor Hannah Power
  • IMG_Rachel_Iglesias
    Rachel Iglesias
  • IMG_Eleanor_Campbell
    Dr Eleanor Campbell
  • IMG_Caitlyn_Broberg
    Caitlyn Broberg
  • IMG_Melanie_Finch
    Dr Melanie Finch
  • IMG_Samantha_Munroe-1 (1)
    Dr Samantha Munroe
  • IMG_Grace_Lethlean
    Grace Lethlean
    Dr Erin Hahn
  • IMG_Rebecca_Jordan-min
    Dr Rebecca Jordan
  • IMG_Heather_Handley
    Dr Heather Handley
  • EFinch headshot
    Dr Emily Finch
  • IMG_Jessica-_Allen
    Dr Jessica Allen
  • IMG_Jiao-Jiao_Li-min
    Dr Jiao Jiao Li
  • IMG_Renee_Wootton
    Renee Wootton
  • IMG_Pearl_Ng
    Pearl Li Ng
  • IMG_Mary_McMillan
    Dr Mary McMillan
  • IMG_Kiara_Bruggeman
    Dr Kiara Bruggeman
  • IMG_Kylie_Soanes
    Dr Kylie Soanes
  • IMG_Eva_Rodriguez-Rodriguez
    Eva Rodriguez Rodriguez
  • IMG_Bianca_Le
    Dr Bianca Le
  • Captured at MYRIOTA on 12 Aug, {iptcyear} by Rosina Possingham.
    Nicole Russo
  • IMG_Parwinder_KAUR
    Associate Professor Parwinder Kaur
    Dr Divya Mehta
  • IMG_Noushin_Nasiri
    Dr Noushin Nasiri
  • IMG_Jessica_Pritchard-min
    Jessica Pritchard
  • 2020 Dwan Price Profile Research SEBE Deakin Burwood
    Dr Dwan Price
  • Karlie Noon has been appointed the Sydney Observatory's first astronomy ambassador. Canberra, August 20, 2020. Photo: Rhett Wyman/SMH
    Karlie Noon
  • IMG_Sabine_Bellstedt
    Dr Sabine Bellstedt
  • IMG_Jessica_Danaher
    Dr Jessica Danaher
  • IMG_Maria-del-Mar_Quiroga (1)
    Dr Maria del Mar Quiroga
  • IMG_Jennifer_Matthews
    Dr Jennifer Matthews
  • IMG_Nicole_White
    Dr Nicole White
  • IMG_Vanessa_Pirotta
    Dr Vanessa Pirotta
  • IMG_Annelies_Moens
    Annelies Moens
  • IMG_Marian_Wong
    Dr Marian Wong
  • IMG_Steph_Gardner
    Stephanie Gardner
  • IMG_Yee-Lian_Chew
    Dr Yee Lian Chew
  • IMG_Bianca_Shepherd
    Bianca Shepherd
  • AIHI
9 May 2018
    Dr Dana Rezazadegan
  • IMG_Kim-Anh_Le-Cao
    Associate Professor Kim-Anh Lê Cao
  • IMG_Lila_Landowski-min
    Dr Lila Landowski
  • IMG_Jennifer_Fan-Gaskin
    Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin
  • IMG_Joanne_Jamie-min
    Associate Professor Joanne Jamie
    Dr Sonia Shah
  • IMG_Mitra_Safavi-Naeini-min2
    Dr Mitra Safavi-Naeini
  • IMG_Jessica_Buck
    Dr Jessica Buck
  • IMG_Priyanka_Pillai
    Priyanka Pillai
  • Doctor Kayt Rowe
    Dr Cayt Rowe
  • IMG_Alexandra_Campbell
    Dr Alexandra Campbell
  • IMG_Clare_Kenyon
    Dr Clare Kenyon
  • IMG_Rashina_Hoda
    Associate Professor Rashina Hoda
  • IMG_Hannah_Robinson
    Dr Hannah Robinson
  • IMG_Hannah_Wardill
    Dr Hannah Wardill
  • IMG_Jiawen-_Li
    Dr Jiawen Li
  • IMG_Erin_McGillick
    Dr Erin McGillick
  • IMG_Marissa_Betts
    Dr Marissa Betts
  • IMG_Crystal_Forrestser
    Crystal Forrester
  • IMG_Holly_Tootell-min
    Dr Holly Tootell
  • IMG_Zoe_Doubleday
    Dr Zoe Doubleday

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