Australian Parlimanet House on a sunny day.

Science and innovation the answer to economic adversity

In a time of biting cost-of-living challenges and economic adversity, science and innovation can set the economy on the right road for the future. In our pre-Budget submission, STA has urged the Government to build a strong and resilient economy through a bold escalation of investment in wealth-generating research and development.

A group of people wearing personal protective equipment, such as lab coats and safety glasses, stand around a work table in an engineering or robotics-type lab, sharing a diversity of ideas about prototypes and documents.

A tax incentive to accelerate diversity in Australia’s workforce

In its submission to the Government’s Pathway to Diversity in STEM Draft Recommendations, Science & Technology Australia has urged bold thinking to tackle a lack of diversity in Australia’s workplaces. A new tax incentive to drive diversity in Australia’s largest companies could powerfully shift the dial on equality in the country’s workforce – including its pivotal STEM sector.