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Superstars of STEM aims to smash society’s gender assumptions about scientists and increase the public visibility of women and non-binary people in STEM. The people in the program are all committed to building a public profile and becoming role models for the next generation of STEM stars.

The Superstars of STEM aim to make appearances in the media as well as speaking at schools and public events. You can find out more the Superstars of STEM below. Or request one to speak at your next event.

The Superstars of STEM program began 2017.  There are currently 150 Superstars of STEM. Here you can find Superstars trained in previous years. We also invite you to meet the amazing mentors who give their time to support the program.

Meet the previous Superstars Meet the Mentors

For teachers, conference and event organisers, you can request a Superstar speaker here. Not sure who is the right for you? Check out the profiles below or tell us what you need on the request form and we will match you with a Superstar.

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  • Tatheer_Zahra_IMG
    Dr Tatheer Zahra
  • KC-R&D Postgraduate portraits-June 2016
    Dr Ana Baburamani
  • Dona_Jayakody_IMG
    Dr Dona Jayakody
  • Samantha_Sawyer_IMG
    Dr Samantha Sawyer
  • Indrani_Mukherjee_IMG
    Dr Indrani Mukherjee
  • Sathana_Dushyanthen_IMG
    Dr Sathana Dushyanthen
  • Adelle_Goodwin_IMG
    Adelle Goodwin
  • Sophie_Gilbey_IMG
    Sophie Gilbey
  • Tatiana_SoaresdaCosta_IMG
    Dr Tatiana Soares da Costa
  • Caroline_Tiddy_IMG
    Associate Professor Caroline Tiddy
  • Charlotte_Birkmanis_IMG
    Dr Charlotte Birkmanis
  • Natalie_Chapman_IMG2
    Natalie Chapman
  • Jaclyn_Pearson_IMG
    Dr Jaclyn Pearson
  • Rachelle_Kernen_IMG
    Dr Rachelle Kernen
  • Dr Laura Driessen
    Dr Laura Driessen
  • Paula_Wasiak_IMG
    Paula Wasiak
  • Kirsten_Benkendorff_IMG
    Professor Kirsten Benkendorff
  • Megan_Born_IMG
    Megan Born
  • Prue_Francis_IMG
    Dr Prue Francis
  • Dhani_Dharmaprani_IMG
    Dr Dhani Dharmaprani
  • Sarah_Kachovich_IMG
    Dr Sarah Kachovich
  • Susi_Seibt_IMG
    Dr Susi Seibt
  • Amanda_Khoury_IMG
    Dr Amanda Khoury
  • Chiara_Holgate_IMG
    Dr Chiara Holgate
  • Tara_Pukala_IMG
    Dr Tara Pukala
  • Staff Portraits
    Associate Professor Anita Parbhakar-Fox
  • Flora_Hui_IMG
    Dr Flora Hui
  • Kate_Brand_IMG
    Dr Kate Brand
  • Melanie_Zeppel_IMG
    Dr Melanie Zeppel
  • School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
    Susan Beetson
  • 9106 Taylor Szyszka, Superstars of Stem, Women in Stem, Chemistry
    Dr Taylor Szyszka
  • Sally_Hurst_IMG
    Sally Hurst
  • Tiahni_Adamson_IMG
    Tiahni Adamson
  • Melissa_Humphries_IMG
    Dr Melissa Humphries
  • Lily_vanEeden_IMG
    Dr Lily van Eeden
  • Sarah_Scholten_IMG
    Dr Sarah Scholten
  • Mars_ButtfieldAddison_IMG_original
    Mars Buttfield-Addison
  • Alice_Jones_IMG
    Dr Alice Jones
  • Kelsi_Dodds_IMG
    Dr Kelsi Dodds
  • Jessica_Bohorquez_IMG
    Dr Jessica Bohorquez
  • 9106.4 Superstas in STEM – Eliza Middleton Caitlin Forster
    Dr Caitlyn Forster
  • Cori_Stewart_IMG
    Associate Professor Cori Stewart
  • Anurika_De_Silva_IMG
    Dr Anurika De Silva
  • Patricia_Kerin_IMG
    Trish Kerin
  • Karen_Livesey_IMG
    Dr Karen Livesey
  • 8655 Academic headshots 26 May
    Dr Caitlin Cowan
  • Sara_Webb_IMG
    Dr Sara Webb
  • Priscilla_Thwaites_IMG
    Priscilla Thwaites
  • Christina_Maher_IMG
    Christina Maher
  • Sophie_Andrews_IMG
    Dr Sophie Andrews
  • Stef_Cola_IMG
    Stef Cola
  • 9106.4 Superstas in STEM – Eliza Middleton Caitlin Forster
    Dr Eliza Middleton
  • Anna_Barwick_IMG1
    Anna Barwick
  • Camelia_Walker_IMG
    Dr Camelia Walker
  • Theresa_Larkin_IMG
    Dr Theresa Larkin
  • Elahe_Abdi_IMG
    Dr Elahe Abdi
  • Nicky_Wright_IMG
    Dr Nicky Wright
  • Vanessa_Moss_IMG
    Dr Vanessa Moss
  • Neelima_Kadiyala_IMG
    Neelima Kadiyala
  • ????????????????????????????????????
    Dr Grace Vincent


If you have any enquiries about the program please contact:

Sandra Gardam
Program Manager
T: 02 6113 0780 | E:

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