9106.4 Superstas in STEM – Eliza Middleton Caitlin Forster

Dr Caitlyn Forster

Behavioural Ecologist

The University of Sydney

I’m a scientist that studies insects including ants, flies and bees. I’m also a professional graphic novel reader and lecturer at the University of Sydney. 

I am dedicated to educating the next generation of scientists about the vital role that insects play in our ecosystems, whether its cropping systems, urban environments, or even inside our own homes.

My research combines aspects of human behaviour from the world of marketing with the ecology of bees to understand how pollinators pick flowers, and how we can use this understanding of behaviour to train bees to better pollinate crops.

On the side, I also collaborate with visual artists to help translate ecological research into digestible comics.

Dr Caitlyn Forster is a Superstar of STEM.