Associate Professor Danielle Skropeta

Associate Professor

University of Wollongong

When two people first meet, they shake hands. When two cells meet, something similar happens: on the cell surface chains of specialised sugars make contact with sugar-binding proteins. This cross-talk between cells guides everything from fertilisation to aging, & cancer growth to microbial infections including COVID.

Dr Danielle Skropeta leads a research group at the University of Wollongong in this exciting area of chemical glycobiology, which holds the key to better treatments in cancer and microbial infections. Originally from Melbourne, Danielle completed her PhD in chemistry at the Australian National University (1999), followed by fellowships in Italy and Germany. Currently an Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Molecular Horizons Research Institute, Danielle is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI, 2019), Senior Fellow of Advance HE (Higher Education UK, 2019) and recipient of the RACI Margaret Sheil Leadership Award (2021).

Danielle is passionate about sharing science from podcasts, radio interviews and TV documentaries, to science shows and museum exhibits. Danielle works in collaboration with industry, community and government and strives to create a more welcoming and inclusive STEM environment for all. In 2021, she joins Homeward Bound’s leadership program to increase the impact and influence of women in STEM to help shape the future of our planet. In her free time, Danielle loves to travel the country with her young family.

Electorate: Cunningham
MP: Sharon Bird