Dr Erin McGillick

NHMRC Peter Doherty Early Career Research Fellow

Hudson Institute for Medical Research/Monash University

Taking your first breaths is the biggest physiological challenge that you will face in life. At birth, 1 in 5 babies struggle to breathe and require assistance.

Dr Erin McGillick trained as a medical scientist and has over 10 years experience researching how pregnancy complications affect the way that a baby’s lungs develop, and identifying how newborn breathing problems occur. Using this new knowledge, she works with a team of physiologists, physicists and clinicians to find the most effective ways to help newborns breathe better at birth. These findings are used to inform clinical trials that are working towards giving all babies the best possible start to life.

Erin has been recognised with national and international presentation awards, an Australian Institute of Policy and a Science Young Tall Poppy Award.

Erin is a director of the Australian Society for Medical research focussed on public, political and scientific advocacy.

Erin has led diversity and inclusion initiatives at the institutional and national level which was recognized with the 2020 QueersInScience Scott Johnson Memorial Award for contribution to LGBT+ advocacy in STEM. She hopes sharing her journey can inspire the next generation to see that STEM is for everyone and that no matter what you do - be passionate, be brave and be you.

If you’d like to know more about her journey or have questions about lungs reach out on LinkedIn.

Dr Erin McGillick is a Superstar of STEM.