Dr Linda McIver


Dr Linda McIver

Head of Learning - Digital Technologies

John Monash Science School

With a PhD in Computer Science Education and a passion for teaching bordering on fanatical, it was probably inevitable that after over 10 years in Academia,Linda eventually left in 2011 and became a high school Computer Science Teacher, and is now Head of Learning - Digital Technologies, at John Monash Science School.

An academic background turned out to be the perfect foundation for working in a Science School, teaching the scientists of tomorrow the data science skills they need in order to change the world.

Linda's proudest professional achievement is the Computational Science Assignments she has developed for her year 11 Computer Science students. The class works with scientists to solve real data problems, making it possible for high school students to make meaningful contributions to scientific research.

Linda believes that the key to promoting diversity in Computer Science is to ensure that everyone has meaningful, fun, and accessible experiences with technology, so she is driving her school's curriculum towards Data Science and meaningful projects at every opportunity.

Her ultimate plan for world domination is to put herself out of business by ensuring that every teacher and scientist has the computational skills they need to both teach and do science effectively, and every student experiences the power, impact, and fun of programming.