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Dr Nina Wootton

Dr Nina Wootton is a marine ecologist and post-doctoral researcher in the Southern Seas Ecology Laboratories at the University of Adelaide. Nina completed her PhD in 2021, where she researched the presence and impacts of microplastic and plastic pollution on the seafood industry. Currently she is working across multiple projects to do with marine plastics, as well as more recently dipping her toe into blue carbon restoration and environmental accounting. Plastics broadly are recognised as causing havoc to the marine ecosystem. Nina’s research focuses on plastic pollution particularly from a seafood angle, where she analyses the potential effects of plastic on seafood species and fisheries and works with the seafood industry to help develop solutions to this growing plastic problem. Growing up on a farm in regional Australia has led to Nina having a strong interest in ecology and how organisms live and connect with their environment. Nina has a passion for science education, and when she is not fishing for solutions to plastic pollution, she travels to regional schools and remote Indigenous communities throughout Australia to teach students all about our wonderful oceans, and why it is so important that we protect them!