Dr Elahe Abdi


Dr Elahe Abdi

Human-centred roboticist

Monash University


If you have ever watched robots in sci-fi movies and wondered if they are going to conquer our world, you are not alone. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have  huge potential to transform our lives, but this can actually mean more convenience, streamlined procedures and safer workplaces.

As a robotics researcher and Lecturer at Monash University, Dr Elahe Abdi works towards safer and more efficient human-robot collaboration within the medicine, construction and service industries. In collaboration with stakeholders, she leads a multidisciplinary team of more than 10 talented researchers towards the development of new frameworks for inclusive and intuitive human-robot interaction. Each year, she teaches some of the core engineering skills to large classes of students and organises various events to introduce the exciting future career paths engineering can offer to primary and secondary school students.

Elahe grew up in Iran and received her PhD in Robotics from EPFL, Switzerland in 2017. Living in three continents and coming from a non-English speaking background, has given her the chance to appreciate the key role diversity plays in the advancement of science and technology, and in turn the society. Her compassionate and inclusive practices have been the key to her success.