Dr Elahe Abdi


Dr Elahe Abdi

Human-centred roboticist

Monash University


I’m a robot scientist and Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, Monash University.

I completed my PhD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland.

I focus on human-centred robotics, which involves humans and robots collaborating to complete tasks - such as medical procedures. The benefits of my work are safer and more efficient processes that mitigate workforces shortages and the demands of an ageing population. Notably, I develop intuitive controls for robot-assisted surgery and cranes.

I love the creative approach in research and finding solutions. My research has been supported by a combination of industry, federal and state government funding.

I was a finalist in:

  • Women’s Agenda Award, Emerging Leader in STEM (2021)
  • Women Leading Tech award, Education/Research (2023)

Dr Elahe Abdi is a Superstar of STEM.