Dr Grace Vincent


Dr Grace Vincent

Sleep Researcher



On average, we spend 25 years of our life asleep. You would think with that much practice we would all be A-grade sleepers! Instead, we are in the midst of a sleep-deprivation crisis. In today’s fast-paced, world, a good night’s sleep is more elusive than ever before.

As a Research Fellow at CQUniversity, Dr Vincent investigates how to improve sleep in our communities. She particularly focuses on workers in high-risk industries, many of whom are shiftworkers – firefighters, doctors, nurses, paramedics. Her research directly informs workplace policies with the goal of creating a healthier and safer, shiftwork workforce.

Grace was awarded her PhD from Deakin University (2016) and completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at Auckland University (2011). She has over 80 publications and more than $1.5 million in research funding. Grace is a SA Tall Poppy (2020), winner of the National 5-Minute Research Pitch Competition (2018) and received the CQUniversity Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Early Career Research (2019).

Grace is a passionate advocate for diversity in STEM and enjoys mentoring the STEM leaders of tomorrow. Her scientific outreach includes public talks, laboratory tours, and numerous media engagements – all with aim of promoting a good night’s sleep.